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Hockenheimring - Your guide for the week-end

5 juil. 2024

Your guide to know everything about the Hockenheim weekend

From a 8 km track at the beginning to this new version of the track since 2022, Hockenheimring has known a lot of different changes. Initially a simple circuit on a forest road, it is today devoid of its simple curves for a more complex route linked to the expectations of the new generations of motor sports.

In the 2000s, a lot of different issues were put into the spotlight on the track.

Hermann Tilke was therefore responsible for rebuilding the track in a more modern version in order to attract more spectators and offer interesting races as the formula one Grand Prix.

This year again GPA is going to this legendary circuit to race this time in GT4.

Let us take you on a tour of this legendary track!

Timetables of the weekend

Thursday :

9h-12h : PAID TEST

Friday :

9h40 - 10h40 : FP1

13h50 - 14h50 : FP2

Saturday :

10h10: Q1

10h35 : Q2

10h55 : End of qualification

15h10-16h51 : Race 1


11h10 - 12h51 : Race 2

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