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Misano - Saturday Report

15 juil. 2023

Podium and win !

Clio Cup :

Quali : This is a weekend to test new things as David doesn’t participate in the Clio Cup Italia championship. Quali started at 9:20 but the heat was already hitting hard. Tyres were only effective for one lap and David managed to set the 3rd time.

Race 1 : It was an oven on the grid but it didn’t stop David to take a beautiful start from P3. He managed to take P2 in turn 1 and one lap after, in the same place, overtook for P1. Then, he managed to create a 4 seconds gap to cross the line in P1. A beautiful race.

GT4 :

Quali : Hot weather and hot qualification. Kevin and Bailey started in Q1. For the first one, he managed to set two great times which were deleted for track limits. He lined up for Race 1 from the back of the grid. Bailey set the 17th time.

Q2 started 10 minutes later. Emil set the 16th (Silver) and Florent the 5th (AM).

Race 1 : Start was given at 17h30 but the heat was still strong. A good start for both of our cars. Kevin had a super stint and handed the wheel to Florent in P3 (Am). Florent drove a super second half and after all penalties applied they ended P2. Bailey started from P25 on the grid and made 6 overtakes. When we swapped the drivers, he was in P19. In the end, We crossed the line in P13. A great recovery.

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