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Paul Ricard - Saturday report

3 juin 2023

An eventful Saturday

European GT4 this weekend at Le Paul Ricard !

Qualification : We got soaked yesterday during FP2 but today was a beautiful and hot day.

Qualification stated at 9h25 with Bailey Voisin and Kevin Jimenez behind the wheel. It was tough for drivers to find a space as 56 cars were trying to set the fastest lap. Bailey started race 1 from P12 (silver) while Kevin from P3 (AM).

A 10 minutes pause and Q2 got underway. Florent Grizaud managed to find a good gap and set the 2nd fastest time (Am). Josh, who was beginning with us this weekend, had a steering issue.

Race 1 : During Race 1, Bailey had a great started and overtook three cars. Sadly, he had a racing incident on lap 4. When he pitted, mechanics couldn’t fix the damage and we had to retire the car.

Kevin also had a great start. On lap 1, Safety Car came out and lasted 15 minutes. At the end of the window, he pitted. Florent managed the race to cross the line in P3.

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