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Spa - Friday Report

30 juin 2023

A difficult Friday

European GT4 :

Qualifying : A sunny but chilly qualifying this morning. During Q1, Bailey Voisin set the 17th time (silver) while Kévin the 3rd time (AM). After a 10 minutes break, Q2 started. Tom Verdier lined up Race 2 in P19 (Silver) and Florent in P5 (Am).

Race 1 : An evening race as lights have gone out at 18h40. A great start from both of our cars which managed to hold their position. Four minutes after, Safety Car came out to clean oil on track. Pit window opened and both cars pitted at the same time. During his out lap, Tom got pushed out by a McLaren and ended in the wall. Car is damaged but will be fixed for tomorrow. Florent, whith a great stint, ended on the podium (P3).

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