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Sunday Report - Nogaro 2023

9 avr. 2023

A mixed feeling Sunday

GT4 :

Qualification : Good qualy for Kevin Jimenez and Florent Grizaud as they qualified P5 and P4. Both maximised car performance. Unfortunatly, Baudouin had a big crash and the car is too damaged.

Race 1 : Florent had a good start and pitted during the safety car. A good stop from the team made Kevin progress to P4. Two good overtakes gave the team its first podium of 2023. A really good start.

Clio Cup :

Race 1 : Despite keeping first place during the whole race, David Pouget got penalised for track limits. Overall a good race as we crossed the line in P2, P3 and P4 with Alexandre Albouy, David Pouget and Alex Finkenstein (P1 challenger). Good improvement all weekend from Cedric Delcroix rewarded by a P3 in the racer category. In the same category : Yann Navillod ended P7, Stéphane Nevers P11 And Gael Rostant P13.

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